Pro Show at Gallery 217

Check out all the cool work from Champaign-Urbana area designers at the CUDO Pro Show at Gallery 217 from Nov 12-28! I have some stuff there too :D

Escape Room Shirt Designs

As a followup project to the Microurban Apocalypse Window Posters, CU Adventures in Time and Space wanted shirts designed to give away to teams that beat a challenge without any hints, and be available to purchase for everyone else.

Retro Theme Park Map

I just finished a huge poster for a retro theme park that teaches how a successful brand should create an amazing audience experience. Working from Mike L. Murphy's notes, I illustrated sub-theme parks to represent teaching points in his courses. This is some of the most visually intense work I've

Webseries Backgrounds

A selection of illustrated backgrounds from a webseries I am contractually obligated to not name until it airs.