Blind Pig Brewery Light Painting

I partnered with the Blind Pig Brewery in Champaign, IL to produce some fun animated light paintings, creating the appearance their logo is floating in areas around the brewery. These were all captured IN CAMERA, and only color corrected. I really enjoyed this process and intend to find out what

Largest 3 Panel Comic in Illinois, Probably

I had the honor of being featured in a rotating gallery space at Weiskamp Screenprinting in Champaign, IL. Using styrofoam and paint, I turned their 3 pane window into the largest 3-panel comic I've ever drawn. First idea was a forest scene with woodland animals bootlegging, and uncovering a crashed

Pro Show at Gallery 217

Check out all the cool work from Champaign-Urbana area designers at the CUDO Pro Show at Gallery 217 from Nov 12-28! I have some stuff there too :D

Sketchbook 34 E Main St

Got to hang out with awesome people yesterday at Barrelhouse 34 for The Sketchpeople, my Urban Sketch group. Ambient Dialogue Spot Illustrations There weren't as many landmarks where we were sitting, so I experimented with spot illustrations surrounded by snippets of actual dialogue spoken by pedestrians around me.