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Star Trek Reimagined

Poster series re-imagining Star Trek in the style of vintage advertising.

The Enterprise Bridge

Re-imagines the starship bridge as a mid-century modern interior design advertisement.




Available as a 20 x 16 print

Beam me up!

Constitution Luxury Class (The Retroprise)

Re-imagines the famous starship as a sporty 1960s car ad. Modeled after a 1963 Ford Thunderbird.


Available in 2 Print Sizes, Postcards, T-Shirt

Fire Phasers!

Travel Planet Genesis

Re-imagines the self-destructive planet as a scenic tourist destination.


Available as a Print


Ski Rura Penthe

Re-imagines the Klingon prison planet as a vintage ski resort ad.


Available as a Print


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6 thoughts on “Star Trek Reimagined

  1. Holy crap! I can’t adequately relay just how impressed I am. And you’re talking to a Syd Mead, Vincet DiFate, Frank Frazetta, etc. fanboy. Your interpretation of the Enterprise is beyond incredible! Just ordered the largest size poster, and am going to go schizoid finding the perfect frame for it. Thanks for making this available!

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