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RobotCop Commercial

The Hero of Yesterday.™
A throwback to mid-80s toy commercials (especially G.I. Joe) where I imagine the full product line of a fictional toy company.
Duration: 70 seconds
Rating: Web-PG

I had a little help

I shot, wrote and edited this, and also performed the crappy acapella theme song. Shivers Media nailed the announcer voice, Justin Klett and Breelyn Mehrtens provided additional excitable children and villain voices. Clunky 80s figures were generously donated by filmmaker Chris Lukeman. And the shoot would have been really complicated without hand actors and crew Jason Thorn and Jordan Bidner. IMDB

Behind the Scenes / Tutorial

RobotCop Teaser PosterTeaser Poster

Kontraband Logo
Created fake toy company logo that IN NO WAY resembles the Kenner logo.

Staged a photoshoot with a mixed assortment of action figures to replicate the multiple sets shown at the end of EVERY 80s TOY COMMERCIAL EVER.

RobotCop Toy Set
RobotCop Toy Set

RobotCop Toy Set
RobotCop Toy Set

Once I experimented with filters, achieving a VHS effect was simple.

VHS Effect

Recorded and wrote lyrics for this lazy aCapella cover of a theme song from a major motion picture starring another COMPLETELY UNRELATED Robot Cop. Sound Effect Credits

hydraul1 :: car revving :: classic double swwosh :: F1 BR 06 Engine Starts 9 :: Explosion 3 :: Single clangs :: Cinematic Eagle Cry :: Swishes Svihy :: Running foley performance 3 :: chair hydraulic :: timer with ding :: Laser gun :: Crash :: Punch 1 :: Commercial Jet Takeoff Binaural :: Car Crash :: Laser Shots – Entire Session :: police2 :: Loud TV Static :: Camera Focusing and Shutter

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