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Jar Jar Binks Animated Character Rig

I created an animated Jar Jar Binks character rig in After Effects for my friend’s Star Wars fan film

This was the first time I’ve used After Effects for character animation, I really enjoyed it and plan to use it heavily for other projects.

Jar Jar Bink character design

Jar Jar Bink character design

Base illustration to establish posture and character:

Here I separate out the pieces for parenting (joints) in After Effects. The bright colors are only for legibility and to see if I encounter any issues with the silhouette. If it looks good, I draw right over the layers in the source PSD and it updates automatically. The tongue ended up too distracting so I cut it out. Ewww.

Detail of several overlapping pieces. Even though the nostril has no movement, it had to be a separate layer to allow the overlap of the upper lip.

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